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Last updated: 27 Jul 2021

Alright, I’m gonna do this finally. Blaze through a single day of playing and recording for YouTube. Legendary difficulty, so I’ll make sure I note how save files are created (eg. received missions issue).

Storage Options You can download your 1080p videos with YouTube only allows you to download your 1080p in 720p resolution. For savegame files. Free 10GB, not that savegame files will take up much space.

Battle Replay

Focus on each unit, or at least each segment of the army. Otherwise, there’s too much going on for the audience to make sense of what happened. I’ll have to stitch the separate video segments together; there’ll be the timestamp to guide the stitching and the audience viewing.

Received Missions (how to save them!)

You receive missions at the start of your turn. If you quit the game at this point, you will not have that mission!

Either end turn (which updates your save file) or initiate a battle (also updates your save file). Your received mission will save in that case.

Failure to save

Sometimes, the game doesn’t save the game even though you had played several turns; it’s supposed to save at every end of turn. The only way to fix this bug is to go into battle somewhere somehow.

Merging Units (for experience preservation)

Merging will put troops from the smaller unit to the bigger unit.

Rushing the next level

If both units are the same level, merge from the less experienced to the more experienced. A unit levels up sooner this way.

Catching up for lower level units

Because rushing the next level requires units of the same level, lower level units must catch up first.

Merge from the higher level unit to the lower level unit in this case.

Never dilute experience with lower level units

Merging in lower level units is worse than letting the high level unit replenish. It seems replenishment draws fresh troops from the same level.

Never delete units from merging

If you’re constantly sending your troops into battle (at least once every 4 turns), it won’t make economic sense to disband any units. Wait for units to replenish enough so that merging doesn’t delete any units.

Experience gain for Lords

(TODO: Find out where this info is stored in the database. Use the RPFM to open pack files, say data.pack at folder data.)

Hint: Outside of battles, keep lords raiding provinces (even our own!).

Amount of experience to give for battle results

xp_battle_defeat_crushing = 200; xp_battle_defeat = 400; xp_battle_defeat_valiant = 600; xp_battle_victory_pyrrhic = 600; xp_battle_victory = 1000; xp_battle_victory_heroic = 1400; xp_battle_victory_ambush = 400 (added to above values if is ambush)

xp_battle_modifier_hero = 0.5 (embedded hero gains 50% XP) xp_battle_modifier_secondary_general = 0.5 (Same for reinforcing Lord)

Non-battle XP gains (raiding is best!)

xp_general_is_garrisoned = 100; xp_general_is_raiding = 200; xp_general_completes_horde_building = 200; xp_general_occupies_settlement = 200; xp_general_razes_settlement = 200;

XP gain for heroes actions (not embedded in army)

xp_hero_is_active = 50; xp_hero_is_embedded = 100; xp_hero_target_settlement_fail_critical = 200; xp_hero_target_settlement_fail = 400; xp_hero_target_settlement_fail_opportune = 600; xp_hero_target_settlement_success = 1200; xp_hero_target_army_fail_critical = 200; xp_hero_target_army_fail = 400; xp_hero_target_army_fail_opportune = 600; xp_hero_target_army_success = 1200; xp_hero_target_character_fail_critical = 200; xp_hero_target_character_fail = 400; xp_hero_target_character_fail_opportune = 600; xp_hero_target_character_success = 1000; xp_hero_target_character_success_critical = 1600; xp_hero_target_character_success_bonus_10 = 300; (added bonus if target rank > 10); xp_hero_target_character_success_bonus_20 = 600; (bonus if target rank > rank 20); xp_ritual_of_hoeth = 200; (per turn to Loremasters and Mages per turn while the ritual is active) xp_ritual_of_hekarti = 200;(per turn to Sorceresses per turn while the ritual is active)



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