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Last updated: 09 Nov 2021

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GitLab: Your unlimited note-taking and knowledge base app


Total War: Warhammer 1


Bachata Dance: Theoretical Framework

Chinese topics

I was trying to refresh my knowledge of Japanese Kanji when I realized that I had largely forgotten all my Kanji. The solution?

Within a few days, I created a world-first system of learning Chinese characters (汉字, the equivalent of Japanese Kanji). Compared to conventional systems and nomenclature, my system is lean and uncluttered.

My 4-part series comprehensively covers my system for learning Chinese characters (to be extended to cover Japanese Kanji later).

The 4-part series builds a solid foundation from which to launch into a blazingly fast study of 3500 Chinese characters. Each character is analyzed in terms of its character construction, which provides easy and enduring mnemonics.

It will take me just a week to learn all 3500 Chinese characters in common contemporary use (a few weeks to write and teach you).

Our journey towards mastery of 3500 Chinese characters starts at our compendium here.

Technology topics

All Things Python (the programming language)

All about Python

I intend to write about all aspects of Python (which should take me 2 weeks). The official Python manual isn’t written with a good flow for easy consumption.

Integration with business

I also intend to write about Software Methodologies (Agile, DevOps) aimed at letting business folks have a hands-on ultra-easy look into “what makes software development fast and efficient”. I’ve worked with too many business folks who unwittingly let their (favorite or esteemed) IT teams destroy product velocity. Product velocity, the speed at which your product development meets upcoming market requirements, is the holy grail of competitive advantage today; expensive patents don’t keep your business afloat nowadays.

Your requests?

I will also write based on your needs and requests. Do you need me to cover any specific technology topics?

I can cover the following:

  • Web frameworks:
    Node.js (Javascript), CakePHP/Lithium/Laravel (PHP), Django/Flask/CherryPy (Python), Rails (Ruby), Spring/J2EE (Java), Apache/nginx/litespeed/Tomcat/IIS/etc.
  • REPL Languages:
    HTML5/CSS3/JS (Frontend), Javascript/Angular/React (Frontend frameworks), jQuery/Axios/ES3–6 (Web APIs), Go (scripting, utilities), Python (Data science), Bash (DevOps, scripting).
  • Compiled languages:
    Java (J2EE, Android), C/C++, Swift/Obj-C (iOS), Kotlin (type-inferred Java), etc.
  • Source code management:
    Git, SVN, CVS (I recommend distributed Git and Git-LFS for Agile).
  • Networking and Cyber Security:
    Nginx proxies, packet filter firewalls, IDS/IPS, DOS mitigation at various network layers, cyber hygiene (password vaults, passwordless cert-based logins), etc.
  • Project Management Tools: Redmine, Trac, JIRA, GitLab, GitHub
  • Database:
    Unstructured databases for time-series data (Mongo, NoSQL, Kafka stream, ELK, Hadoop HBase, InfluxDB). Relational databases (MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, Hadoop Hive, etc). Distributed database infrastructure such as clustering (Spark), sharding (Mongo), etc.
  • DevOps:
    Ansible, Chef, Puppet. Build tools (Make, Ant, Maven, npm/gulp/grunt, etc). Continuous Integration (Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, etc). Continuous Deployment (Docker, Kubernetes, Core OS, etc). I love DigitalOcean, by the way; pair it with Kubernetes and you’ll be amazed how cost-efficient it is compared to AWS.
  • Testing:
    Selenium, Data-Driven Tests (DDT), Test-Driven Development (TDD), unit tests for functional testing, higher level test cases for integrated testing, automated test suites executed upon Git commit hooks. Also, Behavioral-Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD). This is where you business folks need a hands-on ultra-easy look into Software Methodology and Product Velocity!

About Love and Service

I will also write about love and service.

True Love, Applied

Why I write

Why I write is covered in an article that also asks for tips on writing on Medium Publications: How to handle multiple invitations?

I basically enjoy everything in this universe in a 3-step process:

  1. Read (or observe)
  2. Learn (or process)
  3. Write (to retain knowledge)

If you’re into lifelong learning as well, I suggest you do the same. Write something to teach me what you learned!

About me

My name is Jon Wong. I hail from Singapore.

NOTE: All my articles are supposed to be free, but it seems I may be damaging if I keep them free. Pls message me at my Twitter and remind me to add a friend link somewhere so you can read free.

Come to my Medium profile page often to look for Friend Links. Or ping me at Twitter if I forgot to put up Friend Links somewhere. All links to my articles will be tagged with ‘FL’ that brings you to a friend link I tweeted.

And… that’s all there is to me. I’m just a part of the wonderful community of sentient beings in this universe. Glad to be part of that miracle.



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Jon Wong

Jon Wong

Jon writes technology tutorials, fantasy (a dream), linguistics (phonology, etymologies, Chinese), gaming (in-depth playthrough-based game reviews).