Congrats: Your new Apple M1 Chip!

Everything works like before, thanks to Rosetta

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I thought everything will work like before. It didn’t occur to me that my existing environment (all the software I use) must now attempt to run on a new hardware architecture it had never seen before: the Apple M1 chip.

iTerm2 must work first, for me!

Error: bad CPU type in executable

You can still use Bash with Apple M1 chip. You do not need to use the built-in Zsh. You just need to get Rosetta 2 installed.

Installing Rosetta 2’s info window
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Rosetta 2 works automatically henceforth

Subsequent launches of x86–64 programs will execute via translation (Rosetta) automatically.

Jon writes technology tutorials, fantasy (in honor of ex-wife), linguistics (phonology, etymologies, Chinese), gaming (in-depth playthrough-based game reviews).

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