Bachata Dance: Theoretical Framework

Yeah, I know that’s Salsa; it’s still the style I’ll get back to after Bachata (video: En Motion)

Last updated: 15 Jun 2021

This is the main article for my Bachata Dance blog; it serves as a Table of Contents to all my articles related to Bachata Dance. This blog is actually my dance notes and homework (analysis, synthesis).

I list out the Table of Contents upfront (background details further below):

For now, my articles will be very concise. I’m rushing to catch up (my blog) with a friend who roped me into advanced Bachata lessons (9 months’ worth of foundation required). My articles will likely start out rather advanced, but all foundational terminologies will be explained at least briefly.

A quick shout out to my favorite dance teacher: Vivienne at En Motion. Details further below (section “A rare passion in Singapore”). Note: there’s no substitute for practical lessons, although a clean theoretical framework can make learning faster for engineer types!

A rare passion in Singapore

My favorite dance teacher: Vivienne at En Motion! She’s a very dedicated dance practitioner on various international stages (Desiree Ladies World Team, various competitions around the world).

Why is she my favorite teacher? She’s very detailed and precise. It definitely helps that she has a very cut physique built for clear curves and lines (so you can see the exact body isolations required to learn your moves). She’s also a very effective dance trainer; look at the Sensual Bachata teams she’s built for the world stage.

I’ll even go as far as to suggest that Vivienne’s training programs in Sensual Bachata can be very effective marriage counseling. For one thing, dancing is an intensely intellectual and physical endeavor that requires diligence. And we all know that couples start fighting as coach potatoes (over the TV remote). ;-) So, turn off your TV, and start diligently flirting with your spouse at Vivienne’s dance programs!

(Bachata actually doesn’t involve physical intimacy, but instead requires precise communication touch points, a concept I will discuss in detail for guys’ partnerwork. Still, the technically precise forms can be intensely creative and suggestive, and you can bring on the real flirting at home!)



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