All Things Python (the programming language)

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Last updated: 20 Jun 2021

This article serves as a repository for all my Python articles.

I will only write on Python 3, since Python 2 is no longer supported.

Installing Python

Getting Started with Python

Identifiers: names, pronouns, and whatever you call it

Identifiers are to Python what variable names are to other programming languages (say JavaScript). Identifiers may not be the first topic you will be taught in programming; evaluations are usually taught first.

Still, this is the first topic I wrote on, because it has implications related to linguistics (and linguistics is close to my heart!).

Python Identifiers: What’s in a Name?

Unicode String Comparisons and Compositions: Many Forms, Same Meaning



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Jon Wong

Jon Wong

Jon writes technology tutorials, fantasy (a dream), linguistics (phonology, etymologies, Chinese), gaming (in-depth playthrough-based game reviews).