What I write, why I write

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Where to store your massive videos, how to save-scum, etc

Storage Options

Battle Replay

Image courtesy of https://www.python.org

From software engineering to data science, Python is…

Install, interact, and learn

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Fire up your terminal

Install Homebrew

The most basic move in Bachata Dance

Image courtesy of golatindance.com
  • Leader: the Leader is the person writing the dance moves
    (Typically the boy.)
  • Follower: the Follower is the person executing the dance moves led by the Leader
    (Typically the girl.)

The real basic Basic

  • Step right on 1
  • Close up with left foot on 2
  • Step right on 3
  • Close up and tap with left foot on 4.
  • Vice versa for counts 5 to 8.

Boy writes dance for girl, boy leads dance for girl

Image courtesy of seenandheard-international.com
  • The Frame
  • The Lead
  • The Prep (specific to Street Dances only)
  • The Follow

Speak your moves, express your dances, don’t just memorize them!

Yeah, I know that’s Salsa; it’s still the style I’ll get back to after Bachata (video: En Motion)

Straightforward radicals. They are what they seem.

“Fire” and “water” radicals. Cool art, but the radicals don’t actually mix! (www.joyyoga.com.au)

The very “un-knife” radical among “knife” radicals

Is that a knife? Or something else? (www.asmc.com)

The straightforward “knife” radicals

Different types of “knife” radicals (www.gearpatrol.com)

Jon Wong

Jon writes technology tutorials, fantasy (a dream), linguistics (phonology, etymologies, Chinese), gaming (in-depth playthrough-based game reviews).

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